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Part of USS Saratoga: The Aftermath

Medical Emergency

Meronia System - Archanis Sector
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Kriia and a group of other doctors quickly set up a triage site outside of the hospital that was currently full of wounded. Medical officers from the medical ship that was in orbit started to beam down and make their way into the hospital with equipment to assist. Once the station was set up she then assigned a couple of doctors to shift through patients that could be quickly treated there and those who needed more medical treatment.

Once she was satisfied she walked into the hospital, looking around she took a deep breath, “Alright I want a team to start treating those who are not severely injured and get them out of here while the rest work on those that are.” Kriia ordered as everyone got to work.

Walking down the corridor she seen patients lining the hallways while rooms were filled, she began to treat those who just needed minor treatment and got them on their way, “Someone come quick, this patient is crashing I need help!” Cried one of the colonies nurses called out as what appeared to be just minor injuries were much more severe than they originally thought.

Kriia had just finished a patient and sent her on her way when she ran over and quickly scanned the patient. “Internal bleeding,” she began as she got to work on stabilizing the patient before performing surgery on the women. Soon as she was stable Kriia began to operate, it took a good hour before she was able to finish she looked up. “Get her into a room to recover.” She said to one of the nurses who nodded and wheeled her way.

Things would continue for the next several hours, with supplies and equipment being brought in once they were beamed down which would help. By the evening she was exhausted, the other doctors and nurses had things under control now that they were able to get their numbers down. Stepping outside she looked around, she looked like a mess.

“You look exhausted Commander,” a nurse walked up to her holding a cup of coffee handing it to Kriia who looked at her and nodded. “Thanks,” she replied as she took the cup from her and took a sip. “These people will have a long road ahead of them,” Kriia replied as she looked out into the middle of nowhere for a brief moment before turning her attention back to the nurse. 

“Indeed Commander, but at least they have help and a fighting chance.” Replied the nurse as she took a sip of her own coffee as things died down within the triage station. They stood there in silence for a while as they both drank their coffee before Kriia spoke up. “Thank you for the coffee but I better get back in there,” she replied looking at the nurse and smiled as she took the cup from her.

“My pleasure sir,” came her reply as they both headed off to continue their work, she worked well into the late-night and early morning.