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Part of USS Saratoga: The Aftermath

The Devastation

Meronia System - Archanis Sector
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After the battle was won and the D’Ghor Hunters were defeated what was left was devastation. Buildings were destroyed or ransacked while many lives were needlessly lost. Many of the colonies were angry, taking it out on Starfleet who in their eyes allowed this to happen. “Go away your not wanted here,” a few of the colonists would shout as they walked the streets while others were welcoming of the assistance. Makayla couldn’t blame them, deep down she was angry at what had happened.

Knowing that this would be a long road to recovery, but she would help all she could. Once she reached the main building she entered, looking around she could see the mess. “Welcome,” came the reply of one of the staff members. “If you will follow me the Ambassador is waiting for you.” She replied as she tried to smile given the circumstances. Makayla nodded as she followed her towards what seemed like the only room that didn’t get any damage.

“Welcome Captain, I am Ambassador Sorin please take a seat.” The Ambassador replied motioning for the seat next to him, nodding in reply she pulled the chair out and took a seat. “Care for something to drink? We don’t have much but I am sure I can spare something.” He replied as Adams shook her head politely, “I am good Ambassador thank you.” She replied with a soft smile as he nodded and poured himself a glass and took a seat himself.

“Thank you for coming, though I wish it was under better circumstances.” The Ambassador said, “as you can see we have been hit by not only a fungal disease in our crops but also been attacked by Klingons.” He added as his once smiling face faded into sadness. 

“Which is why we are here, though I wish we could have arrived earlier we can help you all to start rebuilding. Several ships are in orbit to render aid, medical ship, engineering to help with the rebuilding and several supplies freights full of supplies as well as the Vesta who will remain on patrol as well as we also have supplies we will bring down.” Adams reported looking at him, “I know we probably won’t be welcomed by a lot of the colonists but we will help.” Adams added as she looked at him for a moment of silence.

“Wonderful our hospital sustained some damage but still is usable, last I heard it is full so they need help there with wounded. I am sure you could also set up a triage unit outside to help out as well.” He replied as Makayla nodded in return, “Do you have any information about the fungal issue with our crop?” He asked turning to that need next on the things to discuss.

“We have looked at what information we have and our science team believes they have the cure, but they will be taking samples to help finish coming up with a cure. But they believe that it’s something they can cure.” Adams responded which made the Ambassador smile, “Wonderful.”

“We have an engineering team standing by to help with repairs to vital structures as well as security to help patrol the areas,” Adams said as she figured that be his other concerns he would bring up next. “Well with all that covered I won’t keep you any longer, I know I can’t speak for everyone but we do thank you for your assistance.” He said as they both stood up shook hands and Adams departed from his office heading out of the building.

She paused a few moments just looking around with a sigh. Her Chief Medical Officer appeared and got her attention. “Sir, we need to find a good spot for triage as well as a place to start beaming down crates of supplies.” Commander Kriia replied walking up to where she was, shaking out of her thought she looked at the Doctor. 

“Right, the triage unit will go just outside of their hospital, the hospital is full and could use more doctors to attend to the wounded as well.” She replied pointing to a large open area, “I’ll let you get to it while I coordinate with engineering and security to assist with repairs and securing the areas.” Adams replied as Kriia nodded and headed off.

Engineering was working with the locals on repairing key areas, “This could take a few days to get them where they can handle the rest on their own.” Jheria replied as she turned towards the Captain as she walked towards her. “We have a team aboard the Vesta creating what we need to help.” She reported as she nodded, “understood.” Makayla added as she moved towards the fields where their crops were located.

Dedre looked up from her scans as she approached, “we are just finishing the cure though we will need to test it on a small area to make sure it is successful before synthesizing it for the rest of the crops.” Dedre replied sounding promising that it will work, “this could take a day or two but we’re making great progress.” She added feeling hopeful in her and her team’s work.

“Wonderful, keep me updated,” Makayla replied as Dedre nodded and got back to work. There was nothing more she could do on the planet, she will let her team do their job and she will return to the Vesta to patrol the area once all supplies and equipment are beamed down to the planet. The convoy containing a supply ship, a medical ship as well as another engineering team remained.

“Adams to the USS Vesta, one to beam aboard,” Makayla replied looking around for a few moments before she vanished from the planet and reappeared on the ship. Making her way towards the bridge, she couldn’t help but think of all those people. After a few moments passed, though it seemed like an eternity she arrived on the bridge as Commander Derohl stood up as she entered. She nodded as she took her seat, “it will be a few days before we will be able to leave, but I believe in our team we can get them to where they can manage” Adams said looking at him who just nodded.

Once she got confirmation that everything was beamed to the planet, “Lieutenant Airje break standard orbit and begin patrolling the area.” Adams replied as Airje nodded and began to break orbit and begin their patrol of the Cluster to make sure there were no hidden surprises.