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Bridge - USS Frontier
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Captain’s Log… Stardate 78517.2

The USS Frontier, having successfully completed a shakedown cruise, has been dispatched to Acamar with medical supplies. Thus far, the mission has been typical. Minor spikes in the power systems have been addressed promptly by the operations and engineering departments. At the same time as my transfer aboard, a contingent of new officers made the Frontier their home. Department heads have been diligently getting their new officers up to speed. 

On a more personal note, it’s getting easier to call the Frontier home. It always takes me a bit to get comfortable, but the crew has been welcoming. My First Officer, Commander Hill, has his eyes on the center chair. He’s got a good heart, but still has some learning to do. That’s my long-term goal, get him read for Command. But that …. 

Captain Javin Kile was seated at his desk in the ready room, just off the bridge. Just as he was about to conclude his log, he felt the ship start to shake. Recalling the route of the USS Frontier, he didn’t expect any turbulence at this point in their travels. He started going through a mental list of what could be happening, but he was interrupted. 

=/\=Captain Javin to the bridge. =/\=

It was the voice of Commander Hill. While only separated by a room, he could hear the anxiousness in his voice and wondered what had spooked him. Instead of tapping his combadge and answering, Captain Javin stood and exited his ready room. 

“Report?” He said to his XO. 

Commander Hill’s face was flat. Javin could tell the wheels in his head were moving, but about what he didn’t know. He turned to the viewer and saw the ship had entered some sort of yellow tunnel like phenomenon. “Thats unexpected.” He said thinking back to the flight plan. The space between Starbase 86 and Acamar was relatively free of any major anomolies. This must have formed recently. 

Commander Hill had returned to his seat and display, “This phenomenon appeared out of no where, sir. We were on course at Warp 7 when our warp field started to fluctuate. When we dropped out of warp, the ship entered this tunnel. We’re currently running scans.” After a brief pause he added, “There have not been any attempts at communication.” 

Captain Javin took his seat And increased their alert level from yellow to red. There was debris out there and he wasn’t interested in adding any part of the Frontier to it. 

The operations officer spoke next, “Based upon these scans, were in Underspace. But this can‘t be…” Lieutenant Randall’s furrowed browed told Captain Javin that he was dealing with something unexpected. 

“Explain, Lieutenant.“ Javin ordered. 

Randall turned to the Captain, “I studied under space at the Academy. The Voyager had encountered it in the Delta Quadrant. There are no other reports of the phenomenon being observed in any other part of the Galaxy.“ 



  • And the Frontier enters the Frontier! Well that sounds catchy, at least for me. A wonderful entree for the crew of the Frontier to enter the Underspace, I do wonder what they will find, see and face off at, what are the intention of the Romulans and how will Javin deal with them. I look forward to it! Great job!

    July 10, 2024