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Playing Vulcans and Lanthanites

Paris X
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—- Planetside, Paris X —-

Lieutenant Murf pulled out the canister of dilithium. Broken and battered the containment field still held, though  there were signs of the materials aging. She carefully placed it in a duffle bag to take back to the runabout Apollo, because if they blew up the ship with the dilithium still inside things were be a lot most destructive. The storage bays for the photon torpedos were empty, meaning that either they’d been removed for more likely jettisoned in anticipation of a crash. Better to hit the ground hard without carrying enough explosives to destroy the planet.

“Need a hand?” asked Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer Syvia Voosha watching the engineer work.

The two Starfleet officers were still in their uniforms, and not in the clothing of the local population. Murf shook her head as she continued to disassemble the warp core, “No not unless you’ve got experience in warp mechanics.”

Voosha shrugged, “I’ll go watch the ship.”

She made her way up, climbing through broken bits of the Miranda-class ship, careful not to cut herself on the shorn metal. Outside the Intelligence officer leaned against some metal and check her phaser, not expecting trouble but wanting to be prepared.

Hearing something she moved towards the sound, charging her phaser on stun. Approaching a bush she watched as a rodent of some kind ran out and away.

“Scared me buddy,” she said to the rat or whatever it had been, holstering her phaser.

Something moved behind her and she felt a pinch. Blackness took her.

Inside the Engineering Bay Murf had gotten all the explosive materials in a duffle bag and was about to carry it out when a figure moved down the corridor.

“You want to help carry this heavy bag of things that could explode,” Murf said, only partially jokingly.

“What are you doing here,” a stern male voice said. The figure stepped into the light, to reveal an aged Vulcan.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Murf said.

“I am Lieutenant Junior Grade Spuak,” the man said, “You are Starfleet.”

“Yes, Lieutenant Murf,” the engineer said.

“What is your first name?” Spuak said.

“That’s my name, Murf,” Murf said, “I’m a Lanthanite. That’s my name.”

“I don’t know Lanthanites,” Spuak said.

“We’d have been revealed around about the time you got lost,” Murf said, “Assuming you’re with the Paris. Vulcans have a long life span.”

“Not really, but yes more than humans,” the Lanthanite said, “I understand Vulcan lifespans, that’s how you can be the oldest Lieutenant Junior Grade ever.”

“Your crewmember is up top. I rendered her unconscious. I did not expect Starfleet and it’s my duty to protect the ship,” Spuak said.

“Well good news we’re here to blow it up,” Murf said. She hefted the bag, “Come on, we’ve got to go back to the runabout, you can carry Voosha. I’ll take the bag of things that explode.”


—- Planetside, Paris X, Runabout Apollo —-

“There were three Andorians on the crew of the USS Paris,” Lieutenant Jacob Siegel read off a PADD. Happy to be back in a ship, away from the field even if they had lost two crew members to bandits.

“Indeed we prided ourselves for having a diverse crew,” said Spuak as he entered, setting the unconscious Voosha down in a chair. Murf came in carrying a large duffle bag and set it down.

“Who’s the old Vulcan?” Siegel asked.

“Lieutenant Junior Grade Spuak, Murf said, “He guards the ship. Where’s Commander Carrillo and the Bajoran one?”

“Lieutenant Oari,” Siegel said, “Even I bothered to learn her name.”

“They’ve been taken,” said Lieutenant Lambert emerging from the armory with a phaser rifle and explosives.

“Stop you’re not rushing in and shooting anyone,” Siegel said, “I don’t care if your girlfriend got taken.”

“Fiancé,” Lambert corrected him.

“Fiancé, whatever, Carrillo wouldn’t want you doing this, and now that I’m in charge…” Siegel said.

“Who said you were in charge?” Murf asked.

“Is the emotionally compromised fiancé in charge, the engineer, the unconscious woman or the old Vulcan? No it’s me, I’m the most sensible, and conscious,” Siegel pointed out.

Murf nodded, “Fair enough, you’re in charge.”

“Lambert put that stuff away you’re not going to war,” Siegel said.

“Humans have not gotten smarter in the years then,” Spuak said.

“No they haven’t,” Murf said, “But to be fair the one with all the weapons is from your time. He time travelled forward a few months ago.”

“Who are you?” Lambert demanded of the Vulcan.

“Put the guns away and we can find that out Lambert,” Siegel said.

“I’ll find something to wake up Voosha,” Murf said stowing the bag of dilithium.

Once Lambert had put away his weapons, and Voosha had been woken up and filled in how she had got from the ship back to the runabout Spuak explained who he was and what was going on.

“We were dragged through an anomaly, into this universe. We used up our torpedos fighting scavengers and pirates. But took massive damage during the battle. We had two options, die in space or try to land, and we tried to land,” Spuak said, “however there was a radiation leak. We crashed, and the majority of the crew had radiation poisoning. It caused forgetfulness, and the crew left the USS Paris and within a few months forgot every being on the ship.”

“So why did were you unaffected?” asked Siegel.

Spuak nodded, “Vulcans are more durable, I was able to resist the amnesia. The crew wandered off and founded the town in the valley below us. Based on human memories and a book that they had, about gun fighters in the human west.”

“So that’s why they believe it’s the Bible,” Lambert said.

“The entire culture if founded upon it,” the Vulcan said, “As a former starship crew they were easily able to achieve the technological level of the Earth west.”

“Old west,” Siegel said.

“They kept phasers,” Lambert said.

“Yes, some security officers had them. That was three generations ago now. I have remained near the Paris to keep the descendants of the crew away from it,” Spuak said.

“So the crew and their descendants are taking on roles from the book. Priest, shopkeeper, bandits,” Lambert said.

“But this world is populated,” Voosha said.

“Not on this continent, we targeted our crash away from other settlements,” Spuak said, “The local population is at least a century away from being capable to water crossing.”

“So if we had the Luna we should transport off the defendants of the crew, and then finish off the evidence that we or the Paris were ever here,” Voosha said.

The problem of course was that they just had the Apollo runabout. They could not fit a few hundred people onto a runabout.

“Relocating people isn’t an option, but we can recommend a starship be sent. We need to get that book, and get our commander and Oari,” Siegel said.

“Why can’t we be sent to the next Risa,” Voosha said, “Why is it always the planet where the locals want to kill us? I could use a pleasure planet.”


  • The line of “That’s my name, Murf" just cracked me up and I am not sure why. The story itself shows Murf as a competent officer but also it seems a bit of a jokester as well. Now with the twist of the missing person I am interested to see what the team does. These pieces are just simple at the core, but in the best way making them easy to understand. This would be perfect for someone who had never read Star Trek fiction before. Great work honestly!

    June 21, 2024
  • I’m still figuring Murf out, but I just wanted to expand my Engineering team a bit, and she was one of the newest additions. I figured that she should come on this, because it’s easier to explain why she’s there than bringing along a dinosaur-like crew member who can’t blend in as easily.

    June 21, 2024
  • I honestly forgot about the year span for a Vulcan was so long, it make sense now that I remember Spock being old in the movies and series. It gives a new insight of the story that the Apollo crew had caught themselves into with the former crew forgetting their own past and duties to Starfleet creating a new generation that have no idea of what is up there. I love the reality check of Spuak that Humans are still the same after all this time and he even gets a confirmation for that Great post, keep it up!

    June 21, 2024
  • The last original member of the USS Apollo's crew, continuing his duty and protecting the crash site no matter what; can't have been easy, even for a Vulcan. Having to watch everyone else forget who you are, and in fact who they themselves are. It does show that this whole thing is the result of misfortune and not a deliberate act by the crew. Its a very interesting post.

    June 23, 2024