USS Sausalito: Where in the World is………..Everyone

A mysterious force takes several officers from the ship and transports them to different places in time and the Universe

Mission Description

The officers of the USS Sausalito are transported to various different times and events through out the Universe. These are their stories.

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1 October 2023

Another Place, Another Time

USS Sausalito: Where in the World is...........Everyone

“What the hell is that thing!” Commander Tod yelled as they both ran for their lives. “I have no idea.” replied Declan. “But the damn thing looks like an overgrown Gorn.” It felt like they weren’t making any progress as they ran through the dense trees. Where they had to zig and zag [...]

27 September 2023


USS Sausalito: Where in the World is...........Everyone

Being between missions, the USS Sausalito was tasked with collecting scientific information from the remnants of Romulus. A thorough Geological scan produced an unknown anomaly and the crew moved in for a closer look. As they approached, a light shot out and seemed to be scanning the ship and crew [...]