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Part of Bravo Fleet: Ashes of Deneb

USS Olympic: Mission 3: Hands and Feet

The USS Olympic is tasked with recovery and support efforts in the Deneb system.

Mission Description

Returning to the Deneb System, the USS Olympic is tasked with providing medical aid and support while using the Olympic Journal to report on the events, efforts, and impacts of the situation on the ground.  A reporter and his team from the Federation News Network are assigned to work with the Journal.  They are told to work together towards a common goal, but there is concern about intentions and trust as they begin their mission.  Returning to the Deneb system brings up memories of the events, not a month old, and officers and crew struggle to accept the short-lived and brutal war is truly over.

About the Mission

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Start Date
End Date

16 October 2023

HF 008 - The Fire of Futility

USS Olympic: Mission 3: Hands and Feet

“Whatever changed, it’s getting desperate down there.  It started as a hunger strike, but it’s become something worse.”  Sergio Clemente sat in the briefing room, a PADD in one hand.  “Commander Ford’s report is pretty stark.  Whatever we do, we need to do it [...]

13 October 2023

HF 007 – The Trouble with Trouble

USS Olympic: Mission 3: Hands and Feet

“We’ve sent teams to observe the situation, and they’ve been pretty hostile.” The Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Triage and Trauma sat at the briefing table, a PADD in one hand.  Commander Sergio Clemente was older and wiser.  He spoke with a quiet and calm cadence.  Given [...]

10 October 2023

HF 006 - The Truth and The Truths

USS Olympic: Mission 3: Hands and Feet

“The new Government on Janoor III has been seated in the makeshift houses of the legislature. The process to nominate judges across the remaining cities begins today. We’ll have an exclusive interview with the new governor this evening, live on FNN.  More to come from Janoor III, including [...]

8 September 2023

HF 005 – The Syndicate

USS Olympic: Mission 3: Hands and Feet

“Captain, we’re being hailed.”  Chief Communications Officer Presley Atega turned in her chair, alerting Captain Helena Dread, who swung her chair to face the young officer.  “It’s…the colony, sir.” The XO turned slowly back to the front screen, confused.  The shuttle [...]