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USS Challenger: Unfinished Business

Challenger Squadron finally begins it's exploration of the Gamma Quadrant with a request from an old friend.

Mission Description

With Challenger Squadron finally allowed to travel to the Gamma Quadrant to explore the regions abandoned by the Dominion over the past six years, Fleet Captain Forrester receives a request from the Prime Minister of a planet he first travelled to as Captain of the old starship Challenger.

About the Mission

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22 October 2023

Unfinished Business - 5

USS Challenger: Unfinished Business

Acting Captain’s Log, Stardate 2401.5. Captain Tarven Rix recording. It’s been a week since Fleet Captain Forrester went missing on Janea II, and we’re no closer to finding him than the day he disappeared, even with the combined resources of the entire squadron. There was no ransom, no [...]

7 October 2023

Unfinished Business - 4

USS Challenger: Unfinished Business

“Check, check.” Using the subdermal implants to maintain an open comm channel meant that Wescott and Young would hear everything that happened once he stepped into Renos’ hotel room. Wescott responded almost instantly, “We hear you loud and clear.” Forrester was thankful for the dim [...]

3 October 2023

Unfinished Business - 3

USS Challenger: Unfinished Business

Fleet Captain’s Log, Stardate 2401.4. Having made a deal with Daimon Lurg, we now know where he delivered Penn Renos: Janea II. A regional trading hub, it was once run by the Karemma. Since the Dominion’s withdrawal from this region, the Karemma’s control over the planet has been broken. [...]

12 September 2023

Unfinished Business - 2

USS Challenger: Unfinished Business

Squadron JAG Officer’s Log, Stardate 2401.4. The Challenger is en route to rendevous with the Endurance. Despite Captain Rix’s attempts to talk Fleet Captain Forrester out of this course of action, he seems determined to press ahead.  I share the First Officer’s misgivings about this [...]