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Part of USS Arimathea (Archive): Season 1: A Voyage of Discovery

USS Arimathea (Archive): Episode 1: Anomaly’s Embrace

Two of Arimathea's brightest minds must work together to save ship and crew when a mission to chart a previously unexplored nebula reveals a dangerous spatial anomaly. Meanwhile, the presence of a Cardassian liaison sparks intrigue and concern aplenty.

Mission Description

Having stopped at Deep Space 17 to enact new Frontier Day transporter protocols, the Arimathea crew are surprised when a Cardassian scientist, Toran Zhek, boards the ship alongside Fleet Captain Romaes. With an air of urgency, Zhek and Romaes request an audience with the ship’s commanding officer, where a proposal thrusts the Arimathea into the heart of an uncharted nebula, previously hidden beyond Federation space.

Captain Kauhn, intrigued by the possibilities of discovery and diplomacy, accepts his first real mission as commander of the ship. Upon entering the nebula, the ship’s sensors begin to dance with anomalous readings. Vibrant clouds swirled around the ship, casting an eerie glow that illuminates the bridge in otherworldly hues. To their chagrin, two science officers competing for the Captain’s good graces and a permanent seat at the top table, must work together when excitement gives way to alarm. An unprecedented spatial anomaly emerges, one that seemingly defies all known scientific principles. It pulsates and twists, distorting the fabric of space in ways that challenge even the brightest minds aboard the Arimathea. As the crew grapple with this strange phenomenon, the anomaly’s unpredictable behaviour begins to pose a direct threat to the ship’s integrity.

Lieutenant Commander Onsas D’orr (newly assigned favourite of Starfleet Command) and Lieutenant Commander Akaria Okan (the Captain’s favourite) find themselves at a crossroads. The anomaly’s power surges are causing systems to falter and injuries to befall the crew. Do they neutralise the anomaly to safeguard the ship or harness their technology to study it, even at the risk of further harm to the crew?

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16 September 2023


USS Arimathea (Archive): Episode 1: Anomaly's Embrace

For millennia, scientists looked to the heavens and tried to make sense of the universe. From Galileo to Neil deGrasse Tyson, Spock to Zephram Cochrane, knowledge of the cosmos changed the very fabric of life as we know it. Even now, centuries after the memorable first achievement of warp flight, [...]

23 August 2023

Threshold of Discovery

USS Arimathea (Archive): Episode 1: Anomaly's Embrace

Streaking through the fabric of space, the USS Arimathea’s warp nacelles glowed with intensity as it traversed the void. The edge of the Deneb sector was within sight, and the crew’s anticipation was palpable. Captain Giarvar Kauhn stood on the bridge, his gaze focused on the viewscreen that [...]

15 August 2023

A Shared Commitment to Exploration

USS Arimathea (Archive): Episode 1: Anomaly's Embrace

Arimathea‘s bridge buzzed with activity as Captain Giarvar Kauhn re-entered after seeing off Fleet Captain Romaes Anjin in transporter room two, the senior staff at their respective stations, engrossed in their duties. The subtle hum of machinery and the soft glow of control panels filled the [...]

14 August 2023

The Understanding of the Universe Awaits

USS Arimathea (Archive): Episode 1: Anomaly's Embrace

The stellar cartography lab aboard the Arimathea was a haven of softly pulsating lights and holographic displays, each panel projecting a breathtaking panorama of stars, galaxies, and nebulae. Lieutenant Commander Akaria Okan, the ship’s Chief Science Officer, stood at a console, her fingers [...]