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USS Echelon: We Are Here To Help

After the Dominion Fleet was pushed back, The crew of the Echelon have been redeployed to the Proteus System to assist in quelling a significant disease outbreak

Mission Description

Captain Suin has found himself reassigned to the USS Echelon to assume command and resume their journey to assist the population of the Proteus System as they battle an outbreak of Terrellian Plague. With increased capabilities, extensive functionality and a new crew, its up to them all to come together as a team and do their utmost to support the fledgling colony worlds they are tasked with assisting.


*This mission is a refresh of the Caduceus storyline previously seen on the Auckland*

About the Mission

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Total Stories
Start Date

15 July 2023

1 - A Call For Aid

USS Echelon: We Are Here To Help

Aris was sat in his brand-new seat digesting and arranging his thoughts. When they had returned from the Yadev II system, they had been informed of a disease outbreak amongst several worlds previously under the authority of the Romulan Empire. It was decided the Auckland was not suited to a mission [...]