USS Nighthawk: Pioneer’s, Mount Up

The exploits of the USS Nighthawk and her crew.

Mission Description

The events that took place before, during, and after Frontier Day on board the USS Nighthawk.  From the Nighthawks modification and refit to attending the celebration at Earth for the first time.  What awaits them?  Destruction?  Survival?  Rebirth?  Only time will tell the events and their impact on this noble crew.

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14 July 2023


USS Nighthawk: Pioneer's, Mount Up

In Summary From the first few moments of the engagement with the Borg, the USS Nighthawk received widespread assimilation as most of its crew were under the age of 25.  All those on board, except one have been murdered in cold blood by the assimilated crew.  Only the survivor knows what [...]

12 July 2023

The Fever

USS Nighthawk: Pioneer's, Mount Up

Straylan dodges back as he drops his bag behind him as a Bat’leth flashes in front of his form in a downward strike, followed by another bat’leth coming across in a wide arc from a different direction.  He dodges again with a subtle motion as he withdraws his own personal knife [...]

12 July 2023

The Flare

USS Nighthawk: Pioneer's, Mount Up

“Remarkable ship…” Louv stands up and walks forward as stands proudly, admiring the beautiful odyssey class vessel, the Enterprise.  “Engineering, any status change on the transponder so we can take part in formation.  Would love to get closer that the Enterprise!” “Aye, in a [...]

6 July 2023


USS Nighthawk: Pioneer's, Mount Up

“Alright everyone, you all have done a great job.  Am proud of each one of your service and execution of orders…. how you handled emergencies and carry forth the banner of Starfleet.  Some of you just left the academy, and I truly marvel at the caliber that am proud to serve with. [...]