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USS Challenger: Snapshots

Slice of life snapshots featuring the crew of the Challenger

Mission Description

Snapshots are a series of chapters showing significant and insignificant moments in the lives of the crew of the USS Challenger between missions.

Chapters 1-3: Snapshots featuring the crew of the Challenger in the aftermath of Fleet Action IV: The Lost Fleet

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10 July 2023

Snapshots - 3

USS Challenger: Snapshots

“I’ll raise ten.” “Fold.” “Fold.” “Call.” Finley Calderwood studied the two cards in his hand; the two of diamonds and the queen of hearts. On the table were the three of clubs, the four of hearts, the ace of clubs and the five of clubs with one card left to be dealt. I just need [...]

4 July 2023

Snapshots - 2

USS Challenger: Snapshots

“That was delicious,” Henry Young leaned back in his chair and rubbed a hand over his now bloated stomach. Luro always replicated too much because she knew Young would eat it. She’d been feeding or overfeeding him since their first meeting on the USS Galaxy seven years ago. Luro beamed as she [...]

25 June 2023

Snapshots - 1

USS Challenger: Snapshots

Following their engagement with what remained of the Dominion’s Lost Fleet at Farpoint, Challenger Squadron returned to Starbase Bravo for repairs. The Higgs, already hastily repaired after encountering three Jem’Hadar fighters, took a further beating and had to be towed home by the [...]