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USS Mackenzie: Mackenzie Squadron – The Last of Our Kind

A distress signal is detected one system over, and the ship responds. They find a shuttle on its last legs spiraling out of control and losing power, shields, and containment. The decision is made to bring the single life form aboard, and they make it just in time as the shuttle explodes.

Mission Description

Sickbay reports a young woman of unknown origins is in a coma in Sickbay.  Upon examination, it is discovered that she is Argovan, a previously encountered humanoid species.  Upon searching the computer, they find that the Argovans are a xenophobic society in the extreme reaches of the Federation.  The science and medical teams begin a passive examination of the woman and reach out to Starfleet for guidance.  Soon an Argovan transport arrives, requesting the return of their citizen rather urgently.  Starfleet advises a soft touch and diplomatic overtures to get a sense of the Argovans to extend connections with them further.  The crew is pressed into diplomatic action when the transport captain refuses to come aboard and demands the Argovan woman back.

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26 August 2023

TLOK 015 – The Summit

USS Mackenzie: Mackenzie Squadron – The Last of Our Kind

Wren glanced up as Doc Longfellow stalked into her Ready Room and settled into the couch against the wall, staring at the door as it opened once more to reveal her Chief of Science, T’Penga.  Park Seoyeon sat on the far end of the couch, sipping at her tea, amused.  She looked to the [...]

25 August 2023

TLOK 014 – The Arrival

USS Mackenzie: Mackenzie Squadron – The Last of Our Kind

“We were lucky.”  Wren sat at the desk in her ready room, Park holding down a seat on the couch. “Nobody was lucky today, Wren.”  Seoyeon had been watching the events of the day with her captain.  The rest of the crew had been aware of the circumstances an hour ago.  The [...]

22 August 2023

TLOK 013 – What To Do

USS Mackenzie: Mackenzie Squadron – The Last of Our Kind

Wren groaned.  They were sitting in the briefing room around the elongated table.  Asato had just finished her report noting that Doctor Longfellow was still conducting the interview.  The captain tapped at her chrono, “They’re due tomorrow by 1000 hours.  She used the words [...]

17 August 2023

TLOK 012 – Argovan Awakening

USS Mackenzie: Mackenzie Squadron – The Last of Our Kind

Fowler sat at a console in sickbay, a cup of coffee in one hand and a PADD in the other.  She’d been up since 0600 and had been the first thing Chief Medical Officer Longfellow had seen when he’d walked in at 0700.  The overnight medical team had kept a close eye on their Argovan [...]