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USS Daedalus (Archive): False Shepherd

Artificial Intelligence has been a difficult discussion for centuries, fraught with possible dangers. So when a new AI trial system goes off-plan Daedalus is sent in to assess the threat.

Mission Description

The Federation and by extension Starfleet have a long history of welcoming beings of galaxy together, recognising that the rights of all sentient beings must be respected. ‘Artificial’ beings however had always been a contentious subject, whether android, hologram or even cyborg, the ‘unnatural’ have struggled to be welcomed into the fold. Many would speak to the unknowability of an AI brain whilst others contend that their lack of individual spark makes them little more than walking tricorders. Seeking to break that stereotype, a group of scientists have been working diligently to craft the next generation of ‘Artificial’ Intelligence. When the new pre-sentient computer programme seems to have ideas of its own Daedalus is called in to investigate a paradigm shifting threat.


About the Mission

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24 August 2023

In the Shadow of Stars (pt. 9)

USS Daedalus (Archive): False Shepherd

A cluster of candles danced in unison as Dil swept past in mock grandeur, the swelling strings of the Cardassian aria filling the air with plush harmonies. As the soprano reached her high note, belting vibrato seeping into every surface, he found himself facing the wide double windows of his small [...]

19 August 2023

Take a Breath (pt 8.5, Interlude)

USS Daedalus (Archive): False Shepherd

The boatswain’s whistle cut across the low mumble of the assembled gamma shift crew as Captain Tanek took a step forward, a quiet thud punctuated the crewman’s call to attention as the audience’s boots hit the deck simultaneously. Atop the thin crate that had hastily been covered by the [...]

15 August 2023

Anatomy of a Wolf (pt.8)

USS Daedalus (Archive): False Shepherd

“We didn’t manage to get much in the way of solid sensor data.” Oyvo sighed, her long fingers dancing across the small padd at the conference table. The holographic depiction of Bletchley base, its skyscraper hull silhouetted against the brown desert moon that provided its gravitational [...]

8 August 2023

Wide Open Spaces (pt. 7)

USS Daedalus (Archive): False Shepherd

A fine mist hung across the beige square, slowly rolling on drafts that pulled it from the nearby central river, it filled the wide square with glimmering diamonds as the morning sun gently bounced through the water vapour. As each one hovered in the air for an almost imperceptible moment, the [...]