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USS Pioneer: Mending Wounds

The Pioneer undergoes repairs and a crew transfer as they prepare for their next mission.

Mission Description

After the battle above Saxue during the Deneb Lost Fleet incident, the Pioneer undergoes extensive repairs and crew rotation as Captain Thiren and crew prepare for their next mission.

About the Mission

Total Stories
Start Date

12 July 2023

MW - Chapter 3

USS Pioneer: Mending Wounds

“Shall we proceed to Sickbay, Captain?” Savar asked as they both stepped into the turbolift. Kosev turned to his first officer and shook his head slightly, then ordered the computer to instead take them to deck six. He looked to the Vulcan and said, “No, I want to check on Cassian first and [...]

30 June 2023

MW - Chapter 2

USS Pioneer: Mending Wounds

Savar stood at the entrance to the airlock as the doors opened, revealing Captain Thiren and a few other personnel behind him, “Permission to come aboard, Commander.” He said jokingly through a smile as they began to cross the threshold onto the ship. Savar, his hands behind his back [...]

24 June 2023

MW - Chapter 1

USS Pioneer: Mending Wounds

Ginell moved through her quarters, packing her things into several containers. She grabbed her picture frames from her desk, as well as some other mementos that she has kept with her over the years and different lifetimes, and tucked them into one of the bags. She was able to open her clothes [...]