USS Knight: Broken

The Knight receives a distress call from a Freighter needing assistance with a problem with their engines.

Mission Description

The Knight receives a distress call from a Freighter requiring assistance when their engines fail while traveling from near Talaran space to their destination of Grazer. Upon arrival, Commander Rayu sends over a few members of the engineering team to figure out what is going on and to help fix the issue. Meanwhile, something doesn’t seem to add up and a security officer is sent over to find them smuggling Talaran spices. They fix their issue, confiscate the contraband, and send them on their way with a slap on the wrist.

About the Mission

USS Knight
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24 September 2023

3 - Broken

USS Knight: Broken

Commander Rayu’s ready room was a bit smaller than some. However, it was comfortable with her desk near the middle of the room. It was in the shape of a half circle. Two chairs adorned the front where guests could sit along with a bit more oversized chair behind the desk for her. Near the far [...]

5 September 2023

2 - Broken

USS Knight: Broken

It had been a few hours since they departed Avalon Fleet Yards and they still had several hours to go before arriving at their destination. This was their first mission without the other two ships, they were on their own to assist a broken-down freighter. Nilah had been sitting in the lounge near [...]

21 August 2023

1 - Broken

USS Knight: Broken

Things had been quiet onboard the Knight as they were currently docked at Brahms Station which was above Avalon II. Most of the crew were taking advantage of the facilities that were located on the station, after the events of having to watch what had taken place on Earth during Frontier Day. While [...]