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USS Marduk: Small Matters

The Milk Runs of the Galaxy

Mission Description

The USS Marduk will be going on a quick journey to drop off a diplomatic aide in Romulan Republic Space.  What sidetracks the crew along the way, and how much trouble will they get themselves into?

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23 August 2023

Where I Stand Pt. 3

USS Marduk: Small Matters

“Tell me again why I'm the one in here?” Trina grumbled.“Once again, your stupid idea.  Therefore you're the one most likely to succeed.” came Sky's voice over the comms.“I'd like to see the numbers on that.”“Sure, how about when you get back?”The Marduk edged ever closer to [...]

11 August 2023

Who I Am is Where I Stand Pt.2

USS Marduk: Small Matters

It took nearly two hours of planning, but they were ready.Doctor Harper and Desiree beamed down to the landed ship, transport enhancers in hand.  Upon arrival, Desiree remained outside the small vessel to act as an intermediary for the comms and transporters.  Meanwhile, Dr. Harper [...]

23 July 2023

Who I am is where I stand Pt.1

USS Marduk: Small Matters

A trashed room lights up as two people transport in.“This place looks like a warzone.”  Vincent kept one of his hands on the phaser pistol at his hip, peering out into the dark room with suspicion.Desiree opened the tricorder, “Scans indicate one life form other than us still in the [...]

13 July 2023

First Stop

USS Marduk: Small Matters

The serene night sky was torn apart by the passing USS Marduk.  On board, in the communal cafeteria James Olivet was eating with Desiree.  “Key Lime Pie? You know you're supposed to actually eat food, not just desserts, right?”  Desiree didn't know what to say, they'd developed [...]