Part of Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

USS Reliant: Walker vs Dominion

The Reliant joins in the fight against the Lost Dominion Fleet.

Mission Description

With all the mayhem going on in the galaxy right now with the return of the Dominion, it is up to the Reliant and its crew to make an effort in this fight.

For Walker, the return of the Dominion has a whole other meaning. Join the Reliant and its crew on this epic adventure.

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24 June 2023

Old Relics Forgotten

USS Reliant: Walker vs Dominion

On the planet’s surface, deep in a cave, Walker and Dr. Etraa still find themselves stuck. Desperately trying to remove the fallen rocks to create a pathway, they stop to take a break.   Walker sits down on the ground and looks down, “I can’t believe we lost her…” Tixari sits [...]

27 May 2023

When it All Comes Together

USS Reliant: Walker vs Dominion

Two Klingon Birds of Prey enter the system. The first obvious sight is the two wreckages floating adrift in space, and a Federation ship at a close distance. It does not take a lot to presume that this scene in which the Reliant finds itself, seems like an act of war against the Klingon [...]

13 May 2023

When it Comes Down to It

USS Reliant: Walker vs Dominion

“Sir, we’re coming up on the Dorala system.” The Reliant has been on its way to the Dorala system. Lieutenant Commander Walker believes there is something on that planet that could help them in an effort against the lost Dominion fleet that has traveled through time from the [...]

11 May 2023

When Memories Come to Haunt You

USS Reliant: Walker vs Dominion

“It was thirty years ago… In the Bajoran sector. As a little kid, I still remember the Dominion ships coming through the wormhole. Together with the Cardassians, they formed an alliance and together they spread their tyranny through the galaxy.   I remember my mother and father looking at [...]