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USS Erebus: Escort to Farpoint Station

Escort to Farpoint Station

Mission Description

The USS Erebus is dispatched to be additional escort for recently evacuated Federation refugees to Farpoint Station. Protect the refugees. Protect the cargo ships. Defend at all costs.

About the Mission

USS Erebus
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End Date

12 July 2023

After Action Report

USS Erebus: Escort to Farpoint Station

USS Erebus Jarzeg Ebun, Captain Farpoint Station Escort for Leondis System Refugees Stardate March-2401 1430 Hours “Computer, pause report.” Jarzeg sank back into the seat, letting the softness of it envelope him for a moment. Grunting and pounding the arm of the chair for a second or two, he [...]

10 May 2023

Enter Convoy, Stage Right

USS Erebus: Escort to Farpoint Station

Jarzeg Ebun rubbed his chin, frowning slightly. He checked a couple of readouts at his chair, pounded the arm twice, and stood. “Mr. Rokka, ETA to the convoy?” An Orion woman tapped her console with emerald fingers and called out. “10 minutes, Captain.” “Long-range sensors show the [...]