Part of Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

USS Lafayette: The Outpost

The Lafayette is sent to investigate an outpost that's gone comm silent, only to find a much bigger threat.

Mission Description

Outpost 4871, near the Black Cluster, has recently gone comm silent. The outpost is a minor one, but is still home to over five hundred people. Curious to find out what’s wrong, Starfleet has tasked Commodore Cromwell with his first mission: Travel to Outpost 4871 to find out what’s going on and render aid if needed. However, what seemed to be a milk-run mission at first turns out to be something much greater and far more dangerous.

About the Mission

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9 May 2023

Not All That it Seems

USS Lafayette: The Outpost

Pete sat at the head of the conference room table, looking over the data ticket by on the PADD in his hand as he awaited his senior staff to arrive. He’d already had his Boston Creme and made the necessary promises to his XO that he’d take an extra round of racquetball with Lieutenant [...]

7 May 2023

New Orders

USS Lafayette: The Outpost

With all of the senior staff about, the USS Lafayette had made its way to The Triangle with haste. Pete was eager to get to work again, and had just started the Lafayette on their first patrol along the border, ready to tangle with some pirates or take out some criminals.   They’d only [...]