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USS Lafayette: Old Dog, Same Tricks

Cromwell takes command of his last starship and meets his crew.

Mission Description

When you’ve reached the rank of Commodore, you’ve earned a lot of favors. And a desk. The favors, Pete Cromwell liked. The desk… made him shudder. So, pulling every favor he’d ever been owed, Pete managed to avoid the desk one last time to take command of the USS Lafayette. One more run among the stars before he’s put out to pasture. Now, he’s preparing for departure and ready to meet his last crew.

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30 October 2023

The New Crew

USS Lafayette: Old Dog, Same Tricks

“I liked my crew, Keith,” Cromwell said, bluntly. “Especially Peri,” He added.  Keith chuckled and raised his hands in mock surrender on the other end of the comm line, “I know, Pete. I know. I’m sorry. You know we took some critical losses dealing with the Lost Fleet and during [...]

28 April 2023

A Real Old Dog

USS Lafayette: Old Dog, Same Tricks

A quick trip to the sonic shower and a fresh uniform later, Peter walked into Sickbay to see what the CMO wanted. He knew he’d have to report for his physical, but he’d never been requested to do so before. Apparently the CMO wanted to get things done.  “Doc? I’m here for you to tell [...]

25 April 2023

Of Racquetball and Vulcans

USS Lafayette: Old Dog, Same Tricks

The loud ‘pok pok’ of the racquetball against Pete’s racquet had reached a steady rhythm as Pete got his early morning round in. He’d never been much of a sports person, but there was something about the solitude and predictableness of the sport that made him relax. He played with others [...]

18 April 2023

The Ship's Keeper

USS Lafayette: Old Dog, Same Tricks

Abby was waist deep in the dilithium relay console muttering to herself. She knew that everyone ran their departments a bit differently from everyone else, but this was a travesty. She could see the logic in why it was done the way it was, but she couldn’t understand why anyone would use that [...]