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Starbase 415: New Home

New Home, New Captain, Some New Faces, Many of the Old Faces. Former crew of the Sovereign were reassigned to this station, either handpicked by Captain Hunt or requested by Commander Ward. Nevertheless, this is going to be different for a lot of them.

Mission Description

Welcome to Starbase 415! To many of the familiar faces, this may be quite the change for them, for they were used to being on board a starship traveling at various warp speeds. Now their new home is a stationary object in orbit of a barely habitable planet. Some will think being assigned here is punishment. Others will see it as a bit of a relief.

While the new crew of Starbase 415 arrive and begin to learn about their new home, their assignments; the primary and secondary goals of this Starbase, there will be those who do know exactly what happened on the Sovereign during the mission involved with the Blood Dilithium crisis, and a few may be haunted with what they’ve seen or had done.

These are the stories of senior and junior officers settling in and becoming acquainted with their new home.

About the Mission

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7 January 2024

The Good News...

Starbase 415: New Home

Everything seemed to have been going so well. From all their efforts in attempts to manually override the lockdown so that they could regain control of the station, to forcing the lockdown to disengage by creating false emergencies to trigger the safety protocols had failed. And then Maxwell showed [...]

4 January 2024

A Warm Welcome

Starbase 415: New Home

Maxwell let out a hefty sigh as he placed the padd down on the desk. He rose from the chair and walked around to reach the replicator, where he ordered his fifth cup of black coffee. With the cup in hand, he made his way over to the furniture just to stand before it and stared at the stars through [...]

2 April 2023

The Replacement

Starbase 415: New Home

A month ago. “Enter.” Said the Gallamite Captain, Burick. The door split apart to reveal a young man with a face full of stubble, messy style short hair, and dark blue eyes. He stepped through the doorway and as the door reconnected with its other half behind him, he stopped a couple of feet [...]

1 April 2023

The Ensigns

Starbase 415: New Home

The passenger ship dropped out of warp as it reached the edge of the Nereus system and began its approach toward the third planet. It was immediately spotted by Starbase 415 when the relay satellite picked up the passenger ship’s transponder and transmitted it to the station, so Operations were [...]