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USS Jaxartes: Raven Flight

Commanding a Corvette

Mission Description

Jason Devron takes command of a Raven class star ship, but everything is not as it first appears…..

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17 January 2023

Second Times A Charm

USS Jaxartes: Raven Flight

The following morning Jason found himself back in the holo-suit sitting on the recreated bridge of a Ravon class vessel.  On the view screen in front of him was a point in space where three boarders came together. Federation, Romulan Republic and Romulan Free State.  Here one of many monitoring [...]

16 January 2023

Making Friends

USS Jaxartes: Raven Flight

Just over an hour later Jason made his way to the main dining hall, grabbing himself a Lasagne and a cup of tea.  He found an empty table with four chairs around it.   The place was less than half full, so plenty of room for everyone and time for him to go over the early events. He [...]

15 January 2023

Not as it seems

USS Jaxartes: Raven Flight

The Raven class vessel rocked as it was struck several times along its length moments before a pair of Romulan shuttlecraft streaked past on the main view screen as they headed away from the Federation ship. “Lay in a pursuit course maximum impulse.” “Aye captain” The young Bolian Helmsman [...]