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USS Xenius: USS Xenius: Through the Azure Nebula

To protect and patrol the Azure Nebula.

Mission Description

Though an unlikely candidate as a Science Vessel, the USS Xenius patrols and examines the Azure Nebula. Operating under the cover of a purely science vessel, this Raven acts as a benevolent eye to help coordinate additional Starfleet support.

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28 December 2022

Where the Flower Blooms

USS Xenius: USS Xenius: Through the Azure Nebula

  A sweet, pungent fruity scent wafted around a small flower garden of the hydroponics lab onboard the USS Xenius. Ensign Reyla smiled thoughtfully as she gently clipped a few dead leaves off her most prized blue Orion lily. Her green hands gathered up the last of the dead leaves and she [...]