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Part of Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

USS Fearless: Rules, Boundaries, & Limitations

The Fearless must traverse fourteen sectors of the unexplored Gradin Belt in support of front line Starfleet Assets.

Mission Description

The Fearless arrives in the Delta Quadrant with orders to assist in the establishment of Operations Command Center in the Markonian Outpost. With Starfleet assets already in system and front line vessels spread thin in attempts to cover fourteen sectors of space, the Fearless is tasked with ‘all other duties as assigned’ to stabilize the region and assist in uncovering the mystery of this chaos in the Delta Quadrant. Captain Langston must discern and prioritize a growing list of requests from Starfleet assets and locals who call the region home. The crew of cadets and recently commissioned officers must wrestle with the repercussions of holding the Prime Directive and face sinister actions of greed and desires for subjugation.

About the Mission

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