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Part of Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

USS Liris: A measure of man and blood

Now in the Delta Quadrant, the crew of the USS Liris take on the newest challenge to the galaxy: Blood Dilithium.

Mission Description

Having taken aboard some new crewmembers, the USS Liris has been ordered to get to work on their first major mission: Respond to the call to action on the other side of the Barzan Wormhole, and protect both the people of the Delta Quadrant and Federation interest in the area.
How will their work go? What new properties of the Blood Dilithium will be discovered? And most importantly, how will the new crew of the Liris measure up to the Delta Quadrant?

About the Mission

USS Liris
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22 January 2023

Coagulation PT. 2

USS Liris: A measure of man and blood

Sh’ill wondered about what was going on on his Bridge in dreadful anticipation of bloodshed up there. He was almost certain of what had happened, but he did not have the courage to even consider how that could have happened. And now, the turbolift stopped. In a few moments, Sh’ill would see [...]

6 January 2023

Coagulation PT. 1

USS Liris: A measure of man and blood

Delvok was at his console, looking at the flood of data flowing from the sensors, both internal and external. Nothing interesting on either of them, but that was the most interesting thing in itself: they had hoped for something interesting, and now the lack of anything interesting was interesting [...]

11 December 2022

The voices speak

USS Liris: A measure of man and blood

Delvok carefully followed along with the sensor reading coming in from the front of the ship, all while keeping on course and trying to do his best not to rock the ship. He practically immersed himself in the sounds of the Liris as he flew it, and felt every little turn that he made with his body. [...]

4 December 2022

A solution to our problems

USS Liris: A measure of man and blood

Bok looked around at the planet, and shuddered. T’was cold, extremely cold. The young Ensign could feel the cold seeping into his jacket, but it was still keeping him warm. Sh’ill had immediately spotted the blood dilithium, and looked to his landing party.“Right, you lot. We’re heading to [...]