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Part of Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

USS Osiris: To serve and protect

Red dilithium otherwise known as “Blood Dilithium” has begun to appear in parts of the Gradin Belt in the Delta Quadrant. Deposits of this new Dilithium are appearing near subspace rifts after a massive pulse went through the region. This new dilithium has sprung an old earth “Gold Rush” upon the Gradin Belt, everyone from privateers, legitimate merchants and traders, nefarious organizations to planetary governments are rushing to the Belt to stake their claim. Fourth fleet has been tasked with lending assistance and security to the region along with conducting their own scientific investigations into this so called Blood Dilithium and if possible staking their own claim to some of these lucrative fields

Mission Description

The Osiris has been tasked with escorting and protecting ships from various organizations into the Graden Belt, while also conducting patrol duties in and around the region. While not specifically a science or an explorer/survey  vessel they have a caveat to their orders to locate, map and report any new subspace rifts located in or near systems that could produce Blood dilithium fields. With organizations like the Devore Imperium and the Delta Quadrants Hirogen starting to move in for their own goals it has become a tense situation, to say the least, for the crew of the Osiris. 

Upon meeting up with and escorting a transporter out of the region they crew is notified by the transporters Captain that there are reports, heard through the “grapevine”, of a recent rift opening in a system that has several class M planets and moons along with a substantial asteroid belt all good locations for the Blood Dilithium to “bloom”.

Having received updated reports from Task Force 17 and the DEI that the Devore Imperium are testing a weaponized version of Blood dilithium for use against telepathic species, due to a secondary effect of Blood Dilithium that has been reported. With this knowledge and the knowledge that this system with the reported rift is located on the outer rim of the affected area and houses a telepathic species the Osiris makes their way.

About the Mission

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9 January 2023

To serve and protect - 22

USS Osiris: To serve and protect

240011.16.2120 “Enter,” Kr’Antren said from where he was relaxing with a good book, in his overstuffed recliner one of the few pieces that he had brought from home when he assumed command of the Osiris.  As he looked up to see who was entering. He couldn’t help but notice how very [...]

9 January 2023

To serve and protect - 21

USS Osiris: To serve and protect

240011.15.1322 Kr’Antren stepped into the main sick bay and was confronted with the aftermath of the encounter, the biobeds were all full and nurses were triaging the crew in the waiting area. Helping those they could and marking those that needed to be looked at by the medical officers. [...]

30 December 2022

To serve and protect - 20

USS Osiris: To serve and protect

240011.15.1200 Kr’Antren turned and looked at Doc M’Gok in her chair. “Anything I should be concerned about as we approach the area.” She looked up from the console she had swung in front of her seat. “Our shields, not to mention the layers of armor, should be more than adequate to block [...]

27 December 2022

''Twas the night before

USS Osiris: To serve and protect

Chief Samples entered his room dropping his engineering tool belt and placing it in its customary place beside the door. He walked over to the room’s replicator, ordered a cup of hot apple cider, and placed it on the small side table next to a chair. “Computer, dim the lights by seventy percent [...]