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Part of Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

USS Saratoga: High Tide

The Saratoga is being dispatched to the Delta Quadrant as a massive subspace phase pulse ripples through the Gradin Belt

Mission Description

The USS Saratoga has been dispatched to the Delta Quadrant as a strange subspace phase pulse ripples across the Gradin Belt. This causes Dilithium crystals to start forming. Upon arrival within the Delta Quadrant, the Saratoga receives a distress call from a distant Monean colony requesting assistance with returning to their homeworld as they fall under attack from Devore scout ships. The Saratoga arrives to assist with defending against the Devore and assisting them with returning to their homeworld.

About the Mission

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Start Date
End Date

6 December 2022

Chapter 10 - High Tide

USS Saratoga: High Tide

A couple of days had passed since their altercation with the Hirogen ship, and repairs to the hull breaches were now complete. The ship had already begun its journey towards the Monean homeworld to rendezvous with the Oneida. Arzin had already been awake for a while and was in the kitchen making [...]

4 December 2022

Chapter 9 - High Tide

USS Saratoga: High Tide

The Saratoga had continued on their current course and speed, though it looked like the Hirogen ship was well enough behind them. One would think that they were playing games with them and that it would only be a matter of time before they speed up to end the game. Everyone that was on the bridge [...]

27 November 2022

Chapter 8 - High Tide

USS Saratoga: High Tide

The lights in her quarters were dim as T’Prel sat in the middle of her meditation room, even with the cortical inhibitor she wasn’t feeling herself. She had asked to be relieved of duty for a while to meditate. There were soft sounds of Vulcan classical music playing in the background as it [...]

25 November 2022

Chapter 7 - High Tide

USS Saratoga: High Tide

It had been over eight hours since they separated from the Saratoga to escort the Monean colony ships back to their homeworld. Over eight hours since the Saratoga went in a separate direction in hopes of leading the Devore away from them. She had begun to wonder why she was selected to command the [...]