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USS Sarek: Lies I Loved

When dilithium spontaneously blooms in the Delta Quadrant, Captain Taes is tested by the cruicible of blood dilithum! Taes is pushing the limits on her new research cruiser, the USS Sarek, while testing the bounds of her partnership with the Romulan Free State scientists among her crew.

Mission Description

In the wake of the subspace phase pulse observed remotely by Captain Taes and the USS Sarek, Blood Dilithium has bloomed across fourteen sectors of the Gradin Belt.  As a member of Task Force 17 –the fourth fleet’s deep space operations– the Sarek is tasked with journeying to the Delta Quadrant through the Barzan wormhole and studying the mysterious red dilithium that has grown from seemingly nothing.

The archaeology and anthropology expertise of the Sarek is assigned to investigate the remains of a civilization, discovered by a Starfleet mining operation, on what they believed to be an uninhabited moon.  Captain Taes is cornered between Starfleet’s needs to understand the dilithium, the scientific avarice of her new crew members from the Romulan Free State, and that menacing voice in her head whenever blood dilithium is near.

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Season One:

1) Storm in a Teacup

2) Sometimes Bones are Wrong

3) Turnabout Imposters

4) Let Them Eat Cake

5) Exes and XOs


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8 December 2022

Lies I Loved - 20

USS Sarek: Lies I Loved

“It’s somewhere out there, huh?” asked Commander Elbon Jakkelb.   From his perch in the captain’s chair, he squinted at the stars that were visible through the transparent viewscreen.  All he could see was a scattering of stationary stars.  It looked the same as any other [...]

7 December 2022

Lies I Loved - 19

USS Sarek: Lies I Loved

The moment Leander Nune stepped into the research and development lab, Science Officer Yuulik held her breath.  It may have sounded like a gasp, but she would assure you it was absolutely nothing like a gasp.  If anybody dared say aloud that Yuulik had gasped, Yuulik was prepared to file [...]

3 December 2022

Lies I Loved - 18

USS Sarek: Lies I Loved

Captain’s Log, Stardate 77928.1,   After wandering the Gradin Belt for over a month, the USS Sarek has missed the first opening of the Barzan wormhole back to the Alpha Quadrant.  Our renewed negotiations with the Holy College of Abbots were still too fragile at the appointed time. [...]

28 November 2022

Lies I Loved - 17

USS Sarek: Lies I Loved

Captain’s Log, Stardate 77916.9,   Upon arrival in the Burleigh star system, the USS Sarek’s stardrive section promptly set course to return the exhumed skeletal remains to the Kadi home colony.  The saucer and stardrive sections are maintaining formation at warp with a [...]