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Part of Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

USS Crazy Horse: Blood For Blood

While mining diithium an old adversary comes calling.

Mission Description

The USS Crazy Horse is sent through the Barzan Wromnhole to collect as much dilithium as possible. On a planet with a vein of dilithium the crew soon realizes they aren’t alone.

About the Mission

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6 January 2023


USS Crazy Horse: Blood For Blood

The sun was bright over the Nevada desert.  Below the Squadron of five Valkyrie fighters lay the cities of Reno and farther to the East lay Fernley and Fallon. This empty and sparsely populated portion of North America had trained future pilots for centuries. Fallon Naval Air Station was a [...]

16 December 2022

See You Out There Captain

USS Crazy Horse: Blood For Blood

Órlaith surveyed her guest quarters aboard Starbase 75 on last time looking for any forgotten personal items.  All was as it should be.  The cleaning crews would make the bed, and replenish the towels for the next visitor to the station. She adjusted the strap on her duffle bag and [...]

15 December 2022

Like Leaves on the Wind

USS Crazy Horse: Blood For Blood

The Drunken Sailor Pub was a dive bar in every sense of the word,  but Starfleet crews had been coming here for decades.  Owned by a human and Orion couple the drinks were cheap, the music loud and the food was good. The senior staff of the USS Crazy Horse sat at a table in the far [...]

15 December 2022

A Ride Home

USS Crazy Horse: Blood For Blood

Órlaith stood at one of the windows aboard the Markonian Outpost staring out at the void.  The preliminary debriefing with command went mostly as expected.   The damage to the Crazy Horse was severe and the old ship would need tractored back to Barvo Fleet’s ship yards for repair or to [...]