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USS Sovereign: The Alternative

What happened to the Sovereign, to the Federation and to the whole Galaxy? Come find out from the view point of an officer, a survivor, from the Sovereign.

Mission Description

The story begins with a single survivor on board an Arrow-class Runabout Interceptor-variant that has crashed onto a snow-frozen biome planet. Along with the runabout, about twenty to thirty kilometers away from its crash site, is a whole graveyard of pieces of a couple starships as well as a few more graveyard sites on the planet itself. All of which are Starfleet vessels from the United Federation of Planets. What has happened? Why is there a planet that has become a graveyard for Starfleet vessels? And what will this lone survivor do to stay alive and be rescued? Or do they want to be rescued? Come follow the stories of this sole survivor and find out about the state of the galaxy. The year, is 2412. (For those who haven’t figured it out yet. This is based on a future that hasn’t happened yet or in this case, won’t happen. You’ll see.)

(Mission Terminated; Sovereign Story Arc has been Reset)

About the Mission

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Start Date
End Date

10 September 2022

Why did I start there?

USS Sovereign: The Alternative

The Alternative - Why did I start there?July 2412 - 2 months ago…Multiple large fleets have collided into an intense battle in the Qeo Star System.The sector in which the Qeo system is in, is located within the Independent Romulan Factions, right next to the Federation border. Now one would think [...]