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USS Jaxartes: Into the heart of the Storm

The USS Jaxartes is released from its shackles and resumes its active duty into the fairly unknown Typhon Frontier. The first mission of this ship is to investigate a complex, but dangerous nebula storm.

Mission Description

The USS Jaxartes is ready for action, and now under a new command and crew, it ventures into the unknown of the Typhon Frontier. Their first order of business is to investigate a Nebula named N4-17A. Its location is southeast of the Typhon Frontier. Ensign Praugol and her crew continue her research on this violent nebula, but this time from up close.

About the Mission

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2 October 2022

Lets shake on it

USS Jaxartes: Into the heart of the Storm

The USS Jaxartes flew into the orbit of the newly found planet, hidden from the rest of the galaxy within a dangerous nebula. It was quite the scientific find for the crew as they found a newly born star being the cause of the nebula and the hiding of this world. But there were still many other [...]

30 September 2022

The beauty of a hidden gem

USS Jaxartes: Into the heart of the Storm

The path taken by the Hu’rastish Was quite challenging but not impossible. T’Path moved the ship through the field as well as possible, and while the view was gorgeous, it made many on the bridge realize how dangerous it was, seeing that the lighting crossed around rapidly and with high [...]

23 September 2022

We extend our hand

USS Jaxartes: Into the heart of the Storm

The ship named Hu’rastish was pulled free with careful navigation of the Jaxartes to freedom out of the dangerous claws of the Nebula. The crew had performed emergency repairs and medical aid to the crew of the Hu’rastish, and Doctor Ruslanovna clarified that everyone was stable. It was a [...]

9 September 2022

First contact protocol

USS Jaxartes: Into the heart of the Storm

After her conversation with the Captain, Sazra understood the value of her message. Captain Draidot was right to make her own choices and face the potential reaction to those choices. Take responsibility as a new commanding officer in the making. Not only her career and assignment depended on it, [...]