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USS Jaxartes: Start-Up Problems

The newly assigned crew of the Jaxartes gets ready to go on a long journey towards the edges of the Typhon Frontier. But not everything is going as it should go.

Mission Description

On 2393 the new batch of Ensigns gets assigned to the Raven-class vessel named USS Jaxartes. Their mission is to expand further exploration of the Typhon Frontier in areas that Starfleet designates as safe zones. Ensign Praugol, assigned to the USS Jaxartes as its designated Captain, finds itself with a ship half-ready for the long journey. She has to get the crew, the supplies, and the ship working again as Starfleet was on a tied budget when this was approved.

About the Mission

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1 September 2022

Here we go, free from our shackles

USS Jaxartes: Start-Up Problems

Walking into the bridge, a certain calmness came down onto her. She took a deep breath and nodded to herself, confirming that nothing would happen. “Captain on the bridge,” Adrián said with a wink to Sazra, that stood there looking surprised by the announcement. It took her a second to realize [...]

25 August 2022

So I can play now?

USS Jaxartes: Start-Up Problems

Walking to the office of the Chief Operation, which overlooked most operations on the station and those indirectly tied to its functions, was by far the longest walk Sazra ever made. She was escorted by a Security Officer who didn’t say a word but guided her into the office. A young [...]

24 August 2022

Almost...just when does it stop?

USS Jaxartes: Start-Up Problems

The sound of clinking bottles against each other was heard as a group cheered to themselves, taking a sip of their well-deserved celebration. The cafe was quite crowded and had the reputation of being full most of the time. “I don’t know how you pulled this off, Adrián, but this place [...]

23 August 2022

Perfect teamwork, right?

USS Jaxartes: Start-Up Problems

With a loud click, the panel shoves into place as two heavy-breathing women take their time to catch up their breath “Well, Adrián? Is it done…” A woman spoke with long black hair was leaning against the wall to gather whatever energy she had left in her body. Adrián Looked at the console [...]