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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign

USS Heracles: Operation: Stormbreaker

The Heracles is called upon to help the fleet with closing subspace rifts fueling the storm in the Paulson Nebula.

Mission Description

Commander Cody Bettencourt is currently in command of the USS Heracles, while Captain Vausees Vax and Commander Debrah Fergouson travel back to Earth for a much-needed vacation. While on patrol of the Klingon-Federation borders, the Heracles is ordered to the Paulson Nebula.

In the meantime, a fleet rep is sent to Captain Vax to inform her of the situation and orders her to cut her vacation short.

Captain Vausees and Commander Debrah intercept the Heracles on their way to the Paulson Nebula. Vausees is informed further about the current ongoings in the sector.

Upon arrival to the Paulson Nebula, the Heracles receive orders to close as many of the rifts in the storm as possible with the designs provided to them.

While closing the rifts, the Heracles is sucked into one and transported to another place. Where are they? How can they get back? These are but a couple of the questions that face the Heracles.

Help could be a rift away.

About the Mission

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30 April 2022

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USS Heracles: Operation: Stormbreaker

It had been several days since Vausees and Debrah had been forced to retreat from their much-deserved vacation. The mood was upbeat but inside of both women was a boiling turmoil of checked rage. “Commander, what’s the current update on completing the rift closing device?” she asked Cody [...]

16 March 2022

From Vulcan, To Paulson Nebula with Love.

USS Heracles: Operation: Stormbreaker

From Vulcan, To Paulson Nebula with Love Stardate: 74986.31 Time: 1241 hours Location: Beta Quadrant – Earth, Vulcan, Heracles   Vausees was lying on a beach towel when a shadow suddenly enveloped her. “Sweety, you’re blocking my sun,” she said, mistaking Debrah for [...]

6 March 2022


USS Heracles: Operation: Stormbreaker

Personal Log: Commander Cody Bettencourt   ‘It’s been a few weeks since Captain Vax and Commander Fergouson took shore leave while the ship was being refitted with its carrier module. Since then, I’ve commanded the Heracles and been tasked with patrolling the [...]