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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign

USS Denver: Eye of the Storm

A Stormbreaker Campaign Mission

Mission Description

The USS Zebulon Pike is pulled away from her usual mission profile to aide the Fourth Fleet in its response to a century storm centered around the Pulson Nebula.

Dispatched to close the rifts things get weird as the barriers between time and reality become blurred.

About the Mission

USS Denver
Total Stories
Start Date

14 June 2022

Qo'noS, the Last Klingon Homeworld

USS Denver: Eye of the Storm

5 Days later… Ethan sat nervously in the center seat of the USS Zebulon Pike. The bridge was silent and the tension was thick enough that you could cut it with a knife.  A green planet loomed large on the viewscreen. The planet was surrounded by ships of every shape and size, with the vast [...]

14 June 2022

Out of the Basket and Into the Fire

USS Denver: Eye of the Storm

  Five hours later… Jolie looked down at the Ops console on the empty bridge. Most of the crew had been relieved with orders to be either in sickbay or their racks. Jolie on the other hand could not be bothered with either. Granted she had taken a piece of the bridge into the side of her [...]

3 June 2022

Gone to Hell in a Handbasket

USS Denver: Eye of the Storm

In orbit Sukitha sat in the center seat as she looked at the viewscreen. A bluish-green marble of a planet filled the screen as she sat there. This planet sickened her as it was too green for her liking. She turned her head and looked at her Combat Officer. The look was all that was needed as the [...]

20 May 2022

Answers At Last Part :3

USS Denver: Eye of the Storm

Ethan stared at Cheon as he went over the information on the PADD. This man seemed to be a scientist, and he hoped that would be enough. Not to mention no one on the Pike were actual scientists either. Dr. Kyo wanted answers? Yeah, well, so did he. Maybe there could be something of an [...]