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Starbase Bravo: Academy Daze

Character Background and memories of Starfleet Academy

Mission Description

In this story, we meet R’Tor. He thinks back on his early days in Starfleet and the time he spent. Time sees to have passed by so quickly. One moment your laughing in the mess hall with friends, the next your standing in front a tribunal defending an innocent person on trial for their life.

Name: R’Tor  (Art or Arthur)

Race: Caitian


Born and raised on Narval, in the wild lands of Kasherren foothills, R’Tor is the second son of T’gori’an and Ma’aren.

They were loving and protective parents, but preferred living on the edge of civilized society. As a cub he would spend days learning to survive in the wilds and forest regions. At night, he would sneak away from home and climb atop outcroppings of rock. It is there he would stare up at the stars dream about adventures and heroes of old. His mother taught him to embrace learning and he would enjoy reading for hours. His father taught him the nature of the hunt and importance of patience, even in times of great turbulence.


As a dreamer and explorer R’Tor’s decision to join Starfleet came as no surprise to his friends and family. As a cadet he towered above his human counterparts.  R’Tor was known as a cadet with a stoic and calm look, but his ears and tale moved and twitched depending on his mood.  His sudden bursts of laughter would sound like a roar that would resonate throughout the halls.

This mission allows us to follow R’Tor on his first few adventures and memories of the academy.



About the Mission

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Start Date

15 November 2021

The Clark Court Martial part II

Starbase Bravo: Academy Daze

PART II The prosecution consisted of a boisterous Bolian who was quite animated when talking. He outlined the events as they played out. He explained that, while the actions of Lieutenant Clark may have resulted in the rescue of a commanding officer, it was his responsibility to abide by the order [...]

8 November 2021

The Clark Court Martial

Starbase Bravo: Academy Daze

What is a person to do when an old friend needs help?  R’Tor, had finally became a JAG officer and as he soon discovered a good firend who had saved him a number of times, was in need of his help.  How could he refuse? 2398 > Starbase 260> 0915 R’Tor, entered his office on Starbase [...]

6 November 2021


Starbase Bravo: Academy Daze

CURRENT YEAR 2391 Edward had just stepped out of the transport and sees his old friend at the docking bay. VACATION STORY FLASHBACK (2384) It had been nearly six weeks earlier when Edward encounter a very frustrated R’Tor. The Caitain upper classman was having difficulty passing a few piloting [...]

3 November 2021


Starbase Bravo: Academy Daze

STORY NOTE It was during his junior year when he met a young human Cadet named Edward Clark. PILOT TRAINING R’Tor was not raised with much technology, and it took him some time to adjust. One day R’Tor was in the flight simulator and with each failure, his frustration rose. The alarms and [...]