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Part of Bravo Fleet: Phase 2: Horizon

USS Horizon: Episode 1.2 – Remnants


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2 September 2021


USS Horizon: Episode 1.2 - Remnants

“Captain’s log supplemental. Telemetry has come back from the probe and it would appear that the inhabitants of the planet are in a stage of development similar to that of Earth’s late eighteenth or early nineteenth centuries as they appear to be experimenting with internal combustion [...]

27 August 2021

A Curious Find

USS Horizon: Episode 1.2 - Remnants

“Tekris, wake up! Your father is waiting for you in the field!” a distant voice yelled. Rubbing his eyes and giving a long stretch, Tekris, a young boy in his early teenage years kicked off his covers and slowly got up, perching himself on the edge of his bed. He looked out the eastward facing [...]

24 August 2021

What Prime Directive?

USS Horizon: Episode 1.2 - Remnants

Treylana strolled out of the turbolift onto the bridge at precisely a quarter to eight. The lights were dim as they usually were from the night shift. The team liked to simulate a nighttime atmosphere in order to have any sense of time on the ship. Treylana checked in with the watch commander for [...]

21 August 2021

Engineer's Insomnia

USS Horizon: Episode 1.2 - Remnants

Treylana wasn’t the only one up at such an irregular hour. Paul had been laying in his bed for the past hour staring at the ceiling in hopes that he would fall back to sleep. He had a lot on his mind recently after hearing in a communiqué from Starfleet that his parents had been involved in an [...]