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Part of Bravo Fleet: Phase 1: Omega

USS Solstice: Omega

Not long after taking his first command, Commander Jackson Porter and the crew of the USS Solstice face their first challenge as a crew.

Mission Description

While mapping a previously-unchartered nebula, the Solstice encounters an peculiar particle that shuts down the ship. What happens next might or might not have happened.

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6 August 2021


USS Solstice: Omega

It had been three days since the USS Hullman met up with the Solstice. Commander Porter and Lieutenant Commander T’Mel both recognized that the crew was on edge. Less than four weeks ago, the Solstice and crew had launched with high hopes and excitement for what was to come, only for their [...]

6 August 2021

The Omega Directive

USS Solstice: Omega

===== Flashback to just before the launch of the USS Solstice… ===== Commander Jackson Porter, Commanding Officer Porter turned and stopped to look at the nameplate on the door of his quarters. It had only been a few days since he was given command of the new Nova-class science ship, but it [...]