Part of USS Horizon: Episode 0 – Reflections of the Past

USS Horizon: Episode 0.1 – The Plague

Treylana leads a team to a planet to procure supplies and cure a virus plaguing the planet's inhabitants.

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Treylana leads an away team to the surface of Celes II. While travelling there to procure much needed supplies, they were tasked by Starfleet Command to assist in curing a virus that was plaguing the planet’s inhabitants.

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17 July 2021


USS Horizon: Episode 0.1 - The Plague

The red alert klaxons continued to sound as crew members hurriedly made their way to the various escape pods and shuttles. “Four minutes to warp core breach.” signalled the computer reminding everyone of the impending doom of the ship. Th’lora and Treylana made their way to the Dakota in [...]

17 July 2021


USS Horizon: Episode 0.1 - The Plague

With her medical staff being taken care of by the citizens of the planet, Treylana opted to make her way back to the landing pad and check on the status of the repairs. She had hoped for some good news, but given the lack of information regarding the state of affairs on the planet, she expected the [...]

17 July 2021


USS Horizon: Episode 0.1 - The Plague

“Enter.” came a voice from the room behind the doors that separated Traylana from her Captain. It was not uncommon for Treylana to dine with her commanding officer and other department heads. After all, the crew all thought of themselves as a tight knit family having served together for so [...]