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USS Odyssey: Avenues

The Odyssey Squadron returns to the Delta Quadrant via some unexpected means.

Mission Description

Re-assembled at Deep Space 19, the Odyssey Squadron is returning to the Delta Quadrant with a brand new road ahead of them. With newer ships added to the squadron, the newly promoted Commodore James Preston McCallister must lead his new expeditionary force to explore the Swallow Nebula region and attempt to establish a peaceful foothold with the locals.

About the Mission

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6 July 2024

Avenues - 1

USS Odyssey: Avenues

Stepping through the airlock, Fleet Captain McCallister led his senior staff through the threshold on what was old but familiar grounds for him and so many of them. Returning to Deep Space 19 had been like a homecoming for the Odyssey. Only a few years ago, the Odyssey was based out of this [...]