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USS Eagle: Mission 8 – Underspace

Underspace corridors are opening throughout the galaxy.

Mission Description

Thought to exist only in the Delta Quadrant, Underspace corridors are mysteriously opening all over the galaxy.  The captain and crew of the Eagle must handle a situation after two ships from afar exit one of the corridors.

About the Mission

USS Eagle
In Progress
Total Stories
Start Date

2 July 2024

Books and Kittens

USS Eagle: Mission 8 - Underspace

Sickbay Captain Kirby entered sickbay, curious about why he was asked to come.  He saw someone on a biobed, but Doc Weaver and Nurse Parker were blocking his view while they gave medical aid.  He looked at Iziraa, who seemed to be in an excited state; she was bobbing back and forth on her [...]

28 June 2024

Catching Up

USS Eagle: Mission 8 - Underspace

Ready Room “It’s good to have you back, Mister Hok,” said Captain Kirby.  “I mean that sincerely.  You did good work in the short time you were here.” “Thank you, sir,” said Hok. “Command questioned allowing you to come back, but they left that to me.  You fit in [...]