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Part of Bravo Fleet: Labyrinth

USS Ahwahnee: Galaxy Spore

The heavily damaged USS Ahwahnee is trapped in an unknown location. An immobilised Jem'Hadar attack ship drifts nearby. Their plight intensifies when an aperture to Underspace unexpectedly opens..

Mission Description

The USS Ahwahnee is battered and incapacitated after riding thousands of light years on a subspace shockwave created by a Jem’Hadar attack ship of the Lost Fleet. With both ships drifting in space, the crew must work frantically to bring systems back online before the enemy. Only if they succeed can they begin to find answers about why they were brought here, and how to get home.

About the Mission

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30 June 2024

Mycelial Man

USS Ahwahnee: Galaxy Spore

Underspace unfolded before them. Gravimetric distortions twisted and spun their particulate dance. Mottled clouds of shimmering grey, patched with orange fire, boiled in a restless maelstrom. Through this unending funnel, the Jem’Hadar attack ship tumbled, Borg extrusions from its hull [...]

21 June 2024

I Speak

USS Ahwahnee: Galaxy Spore

The following takes place immediately after the events of The Phaser Pointing at Your Head.    The rungs were cold against Tursks’s fingers. He glanced up at Alex Lupulo’s boot soles, then quickened his pace. The last thing he needed right now was a mid-Jeffries tube collision with [...]