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Part of Bravo Fleet: Labyrinth

USS Los Angeles: A Vision of History

All across the galaxy, apetures into underspace have been opening. Ships have been sucked into the underspace, emerging at random points. The USS Los Angeles is no exception.

Mission Description

From across the galaxy, wild reports reach Starfleet’s ears. Sensor readings pick up gravimetric distortions that cause chaos in planetary atmospheres, disturb stellar phenomena or agitate nebula particles. Ships are going missing, or appearing as if from nowhere, thousands of light-years from their last known location.

Those that can communicate speak of being dragged into what they thought was a wormhole, a subspace passageway of branching tunnels and chaotic turbulence their ship tumbled through before falling out of another exit point. It defies all known records of any wormhole – but readings and descriptions do match another phenomena, barely known to Starfleet and ill-understood: Underspace.

This network of subspace corridors was first encountered by Starfleet through the journey of the USS Voyager. Complex, dangerous, and labyrinthine, these passageways once enabled the long-dead Vaadwaur to build one of the largest empires the galaxy has ever known before their eventual downfall. Now, only their former vassals, the Turei, understand enough of Underspace for it to be safely traversed. Since then, Starfleet has only accessed Underspace with the help of the Turei, and has never known its tunnels to reach any further than the Delta Quadrant. Until now.

About the Mission

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3 July 2024

Command and Repair

USS Los Angeles: A Vision of History

The Los Angeles shudders as the vessel is pulled into the subspace corridor. As it’s pulled in, the distortions batter the ship, causing the crew to be tossed around like rag dolls. The distortions cause serious damage to the energy systems, causing the bridge crew to be showered in sparks. Both [...]

28 June 2024

The Beginning

USS Los Angeles: A Vision of History

“Helm, come to heading 221 mark 1, half-impulse. Let’s move on to Sector Dog.” “Coming to heading, 221 mark 1; at half impulse, aye, Commander.” “Ops, start long range scans, and continue monitoring the transit lanes. Sharp eyes and ears, Miss Pearse.”“Starting long range [...]