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USS Neptune: An Ethical Dilemma

The Underspace mystery brings the Neptune Division into a dilemma that could question the crews ethics

Mission Description

The Neptune Division is sent to look into an Underspace aperture that is near to its position, when it arrives it seems like the situation is straightforward; however the truth is not always as it seems. As the crew explores more the truth can bring horrifying results with the questionable dilemma that might strain the ethics of even the best Starfleet crew.

About the Mission

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28 June 2024

True Colors

USS Neptune: An Ethical Dilemma

Captain Ryder stood in the transporter room waiting for the arrival of the Vidiian named Hena. The ship had a feeling of tension because of the situation the ship had found itself in. The crew had been told to watch closely when the visitor arrived. The ship had already been put into a silent [...]

25 June 2024

Creeping Through the Unknown

USS Neptune: An Ethical Dilemma

The darkness on the ship was still present with barely any light coming into the ship. The halls filled with the faint smell of death. The ship was in itself a casket holding the last two survivors or so it seemed. The truth was no communication had been made with the other ships and from all [...]

22 June 2024

The Truth Isn't Always What You Want To Hear

USS Neptune: An Ethical Dilemma

Michael led Tallie to the ready room and sat her down. “Can I get you something to drink?” he was trying to do anything to relax her that he could. She was visibly distressed and he had never seen her that way in the past year he had worked with her.  Tallie smiled “No, Captain I am ok. [...]

19 June 2024

Something Doesn't Feel Right Here

USS Neptune: An Ethical Dilemma

The darkness of the room seemed to pierce through even Tallie as she awoke from her sleep, but something felt different. The eerie feeling that something was going on caused her to spring up out of her bed. She looked outside seeing just what looked like blood. The red color was so offsetting she [...]