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USS Ulysses: 01×01 Shattered Horizons

Navigate the Unknown, Uncover the Secrets, Secure the Future.

Mission Description

A sudden and devastating debris storm struck the planet Raeya III, originating from a mysterious Underspace aperture. This aperture, a gateway to the enigmatic subspace network known as the Underspace, has been spewing large quantities of hazardous debris into the vicinity, posing a significant threat to the planet and its inhabitants. The debris storm has caused widespread damage and panic, and it is imperative to understand the nature of this aperture and secure it to prevent further incidents.

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21 June 2024


USS Ulysses: 01x01 Shattered Horizons

The atmosphere was tense in the heart of the capital city’s diplomatic district. News of the sabotage had spread quickly, stirring unease among the diplomatic and local communities. The ordinarily serene streets were now bustling with heightened security and hurried conversations. The Chargé [...]

21 June 2024


USS Ulysses: 01x01 Shattered Horizons

Six hours after the joint briefing on Ulysses, Lieutenant Commander Julian Vega observed the massive repair effort on the capital city’s power grid from the Raeyan Utility Headquarters Command Center in the government district. The bustling command center was filled with engineers and technicians [...]

19 June 2024


USS Ulysses: 01x01 Shattered Horizons

Captain James MacLeod stood in his ready room onboard the Ulysses, staring out the viewport at the serene planet of Raeya III, now recovering from the onslaught. The tranquility of space from standard orbit of the planet contrasted sharply with the chaos in space they had endured over two days ago. [...]

15 June 2024


USS Ulysses: 01x01 Shattered Horizons

The gray duranium hull of the USS Chimera, a Manticore-class starship, crossed out of the Raeya III’s shadow and into the light of the Raeya star as it cruised toward its assigned orbit of the planet. Its sleek, predatory design a stark contrast to the serene planet below. The Chimera had just [...]