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Starbase Bravo: Asteroid City

Mellstoxx’s darkest day will be Starfleet’s finest hour

Mission Description

From one end of the galaxy to another, Starfleet is picking up strange sensor readings and distress calls about what appear to be anomalous wormholes.  Starbase Bravo is no exception, because the distress call is coming from its own backyard in Mellstoxx III.

Starbase Bravo’s first investigation team recognises the sensor readings: it isn’t a wormhole that’s opened near Mellstoxx III, it’s an Underspace aperture.  While historical records from USS Voyager assist the science department in identifying Underspace, so little is known about the network of subspace tunnels, it’s unclear why an aperture appeared in the Beta Quadrant at all.

In September 2401, the Underspace aperture is continuously emitting graviton distortion and tachyon emissions.  The graviton distortions reaching Mellstoxx III have destroyed the weather control systems and are causing natural disasters across half the planet, including the Starfleet Academy satellite campus.  Worse, space junk is also being launched at Mellstoxx III by the gravimetric distortions.  Asteroids and mechanical debris are plummeting through the upper atmosphere, endangering the many settlements on the planet below.


Divisional Responsibilities

Command Division

-Deck Officers and flight control are responsible for diverting routine space traffic around the aperture and the surrounding area of space endangered by the Underspace emissions.  Federation citizens and members of ally civilisations, with an abundance of curiosity or mercenary intent, will also need to be discouraged from approaching the aperture.  This can be achieved through space buoys, patrol ships, and the delicate art of negotiation.

-All command officers are empowered to demonstrate readiness for next level leadership by assembling and coordinating away teams to offer humanitarian aid to Mellstoxx III.  Teams may focus on dangerous weather patterns, asteroids or some combination of risks afflicting the planet.

-Limited Starfleet away teams will also be approved for exploring Underpace through the aperture.  However, plan your teams and prepare your runabouts carefully to ensure you have the ability to navigate back home to Starbase Bravo!

-Experienced deck, diplomatic and intelligence officers are empowered to reach out to their networks and investigate the broader implications of Underspace apertures appearing all over the galaxy.


Operations Division

-Operations officers are responsible for assembling the resources needed to provided humanitarian aid to Mellstoxx III and the system at large.  Evaluate and deliver the humanitarian supplies, the repair supplies, the security strategies, and the communication blueprints needed to keep the citizens of Mellstoxx III safe.

-Engineering and shipyard officers are needed to keep patrol ships and starfighters in the air as increased patrols are required to protect and navigate around the Underspace aperture.

-Repair the weather control system on Mellstoxx III and harden it from the gravimetric and tachyon emissions from the Underspace aperture.

-Join away teams into Underspace!


Science & Medical Division

-Science officers are responsible for studying the Underspace aperture from a safe distance and exploring solutions to limit its deleterious effects on the Mellstoxx system.

-Medical officers are required to offer first aid and emergency surgery to survivors from Mellstoxx III.  Join away teams to the planet or attend to patients being flown into Starbase Bravo’s hospital.

-Space junk spat out of the aperture may originate from any part of the galaxy, and especially from unlucky travelers through Underspace over the past centuries.  Science officers can collect the space junk from orbit of Mellstoxx III to catalogue and study.

-Join away teams into Underspace!


Starbase Bravo In Play

-All members of Starbase Bravo are welcome to hop into a runabout and explore Underspace through the Labyrinth Captain Tables!

-Find out everything you need to know about this plot generation tool in the Labyrinth Campaign Guide.

-The Labyrinth Campaign Table is a mechanism that can inspire what type of story you can tell when your runabout approaches the Underspace aperture.

-The Labyrinth Additional Tables can be used on their own, or in conjunction with the Labyrinth Campaign Table, to add a tasty hit of randomness to your Starbase Bravo story.


Photo in mission poster by International Astronomical Union (IAU)

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30 June 2024

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