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Part of Bravo Fleet: Labyrinth

USS Douglas: Mission 2 – LOST

The USS Douglas seeks out an abandoned colony to check an unusual reading. Suddenly, a new signal interrupts their efforts, and an aperture snaps open, sending them careening into Underspace.

Mission Description

On a routine scan of an abandoned colony in the Gamma Quadrant, the USS Douglas detects a signal of unusual makeup and moves to investigate. Suddenly, an aperture appears, and the Constitution III class starship is yanked through and violently thrown into the depths of an unknown galaxy.  Critically damaged, the crew of the Douglas must understand what brought them here…and find out just where ‘here’ is.  A vast expanse of mystery surrounds them and an unsettling possibility begins to set in – they are lost far from home with no way back.

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10 July 2024

LOST 013 – Inside the Beast

USS Douglas: Mission 2 - LOST

“They’re beasts.”  Lieutenant Sadie Fowler muttered as she walked carefully through the alien ship. Three of the Hazard Team members surrounded her and Ensign Jake Shaw as they worked to explore and understand the newfound…enemy?  She wasn’t sure how to identify them. They’d [...]

9 July 2024

LOST 012 – Monsters

USS Douglas: Mission 2 - LOST

Calog Tir had seen much in his life as both Calog and Tir.  Violence, death, and destruction were not foreign to them.  His eyes searched the floors and walls in shock.  The brutality of the battle that had taken place on Patra’s Downfall was giving each member of the away team [...]

30 June 2024

LOST 011 – Old and New Friends

USS Douglas: Mission 2 - LOST

“Short-range sensors are activating.”  Sadie Fowler called out as she sat up in her chair.  The updated scans as the Douglas had flown through the far reaches of the Gamma Quadrant had failed to clarify what was at the end of the mysterious signal.  Her curiosity was tempered by [...]

29 June 2024

LOST 010 – Signal and Serious

USS Douglas: Mission 2 - LOST

“There it is again.”  Ensign Jake Shaw muttered as he sat beside his chief, Lieutenant Presley Atega.  He had been monitoring communication signals in the area since they’d fallen out of the aperture in the Gamma Quadrant.  His hands coaxed details from the sensors, “It’s [...]