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USS Sovereign: In Dire Need

Sovereign finds itself in the Gamma Quadrant, at the very edge of Delta Quadrant. With life support failing and survivors on a planet needing assistance, time is against them.

Mission Description

Sovereign en route to a pulsing star in Talarian space but before she could reach the border of Talarian Republic the ship’s automatically disengaged warp drive to avoid a collision, one that happened to be an aperture. But before they could reverse course, they were suddenly pulled into a narrow and unstable tunnel of underspace.

Once they were ejected, they had received minimal hull damage but their life support system had failed. Worse, astrometrics was able to determine where they were and found that they were in the Gamma Quadrant, right near the edge to the Delta Quadrant. To add to it, sensors detected debris of a Romulan Republic ship, most recent, floating near the rings of a very unique planet. Can the crew get their life support back online in time? And who else had succumb to this network of tunnels and are they still alive?

And what else could go wrong? Only one way to find out!

About the Mission

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25 June 2024

In Dire Need - 02

USS Sovereign: In Dire Need

Tagg was vigorously running various scans around the area, short and long range, as he it was his job to find out where they are and if there was a system near by that may have a planet habitable enough. It may not have been ordered, but as Chief, he needed to think ahead. With life support [...]

15 June 2024

In Dire Need - 01

USS Sovereign: In Dire Need

“So I must ask, if I may, sir. But when did they put those in?” Ruby pointed at the four Type-17 Cargo shuttles that were suspended from the ceiling. As a new Junior Lieutenant, he had the option to choose anyone to be his mentor and the person he had chosen was Commander Arthur Graves, the [...]