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Starbase 415: The Syndicate

A Group of pirates have emerged from underspace and are seeking help. Commander Ward is willing to offer assistance but Commander Ryker is skeptical. Are these pirates friendly or foe?

Mission Description

While the Sovereign is out, activity on the station had become one of its lowest. Usually every month, there would be almost no ships coming to the station. No transport ship or freighters had arrived. At which point, everyone on board simply had to keep themselves busy with routine maintenance, diagnostic checks and the usual daily activities. That is, until half a dozen ships from two different races from the Gamma Quadrant had arrived and are in dire need of assistance. Commander Ward, confident in the strength and size of the station, as well as the capabilities of the security force, decides to offer medical assistance to this group by allowing them to transport to the Medical Section.

Commander Ryker, however, is not too thrilled with Commander Ward’s decision, and gets his team ready for the worst case scenario. Was Commander Ward right in offering humanitarian aid or did she put the station at risk?

About the Mission

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18 June 2024

The Syndicate - 01

Starbase 415: The Syndicate

While the Sovereign was on its way towards the pulsating star in the territories of the Talarian Republic, the activity around the starbase was quite literally at its lowest. Today just so happened to be one of the few days that the starbase has no transport ships of any kind, whether it be [...]