Activity Record

Promotion Tracker

Your next promotion is to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Time Required: 1 week (5 days, 9 hours left)

Activity Required: 0/3 criteria met

  • Join a second Bravo Fleet RPG

  • Reach Level 5 on Bravo Fleet’s Discord server

  • Entered in five (5) Bravo Fleet competitions

  • Place in one (1) Bravo Fleet competition

  • Organize and run one (1) Bravo Fleet competition

  • Join a Bravo Fleet Department as a staff member (Deputy, Staff Officer, or Staff Assistant)

  • Serve as a task force level staff member (Task Force Executive Officer)

  • Create a well developed biography for your character

  • Follow Bravo Fleet on Facebook or Twitter

  • Earn 6 Duty Ribbons

  • Earn 8 Service Ribbons

  • Earn 6 Combat Action Ribbons

  • Earn 8 Strategic Action Ribbons

  • Earn 3 Campaign Ribbons