USS Tesla (NCC-74438)

Task Force 86, Starbase 86


USS Tesla





Commanding Officer

Captain Michael Ryder
Played by DarthCrusader

Task Group

Starbase 86

Task Force

Task Force 86

The USS Tesla is a Nova Class starship originally built for small scientific exploration missions, but the Tesla was retrofitted to survive longer more advanced scientific missions. She will be exploring areas of the Delta Quadrant, as part of Task Force 17. Commissioned to Commander Michael Ryder by Captain Zack Marshall-Bennet. The ship was commissioned to Ryder after a surprising revelation to Ryder.


The USS Tesla has a crew of around 100, most of whom are Scientists, though Ryder himself is not a Scientist his skill and history in tactics and battles make the Tesla, able to hold her own in the Delta Quadrant.  The Tesla will be there to conduct complex scientific research. The ship’s senior staff will consist of the Captain, Executive Officer, and Second Officer. Each of them is talented in their own field bringing different talents to the Tesla.


The first mission for the Tesla was the Archanis Campaign.